Capital One InterestPlus Account 1.60% APY


When I was checking my Capital One account the other day, I noticed that they now have a new savings product called Capital One InterestPlus Savings Account. This new account is different from and better than the online savings account, which I own, because 1) the InterestPlus account offers a higher yield at 1.60% APY; 2) you can earn additional 10% bonus on interest earned from the former. There’s nothing new that a new banking product tries to win customers by offering a better rate (the difficult part is to always keep the rate competitive as we have seen what happened to those *new comers* lately), but it’s the first time that I heard an additional bonus will be offered if the customer can maintain a higher balance.

I like the idea of getting a little extra for my money even if it means I have to keep more money in the account, but I am more concerned with how much I can earn by banking with them in the first place because interest rate is what I am looking at when selecting a new bank account. In this case, the 1.60% yield is actually pretty good if you compare this rate with what other online bank offers (for example, Ally Bank 1.50%, Dollar Savings Direct 1.60%, FNBO 1.50%, etc.). Actually, it’s pretty hard now to find a savings account from a well-established bank with a better rate.

So, what is needed to get the better rate and bonus? To open an InterestPlus Savings Account, you will have to have at least $2,500 to make the initial deposit and maintain that level of money in the account as minimum balance. This requirement is relatively high compared to other online banks, but still reachable. If you don’t have $2,500, then this account isn’t for you because balance below $2,500 will earn you no interest at all. To earn the 10% bonus on interest, however, you will need to raise the account balance to $15,000. The bonus is credited every quarter and the balance must be maintained at the $15,000 level during each month of the quarter to be eligible for the bonus. Remember, it’s not the average balance of the quarter, but every month of the quarter. If you don’t that much money, you can still get the bonus if you have a Capital One credit card and use it at least once a month. Actually, it isn’t a bad option if you are already a Capital One credit card holder. If the requirement is met, then the bonus will be credited to your account 4 to 8 weeks at the end of the quarter.

What do you think of this Capital One InterestPlus Savings Account? BTW, the account is FDIC insured without any monthly account maintenance fee.

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    May I congratulate you on your intelligent work.You have won me over and gained a new fan. Compared to most articles on the web this is a joy to read, I am overjoyed that I came upon your work. I promise to be linking to this on all my blogs.

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