Citi Introduced Brand New Forward Credit Card


Citi Forward credit cardMeet the brand new Citi Forward credit card!

The card was launched yesterday as the only card that rewards its cardholder for maintaining a healthy credit. What what I can see, the main attraction of this card is that it actually pays customers, with ThankYou Network rewards points and interest rate reduction, for staying below their credit limits and paying bills on time. And that’s not all the Forward card offers. Card members can also earn hefty rewards with Forward, including

  • 5 rewards points for every dollar spent on books, movies, music, and at restaurants and 1 point for $1 elsewhere;
  • 100 ThankYou Points each billing period when paying bill on time and staying under the credit limit.

In addition to the rewards points, cardholder can also be rewarded with a 0.25% reduction in the card’s interest rate if he/she pays at least the minimum amount due three months in a row. So even if you carry a balance, you won’t see your rate go up, but rather come down as long as you pay the minimum. Carrying a credit card balance isn’t something that I will recommend because you will keep accumulating more debt if you only pay the minimum, but it’s at least good to know that the rate will be lowered. The bad news, however, is there’s a limit of 2% APR reduction you can take throughout the time of being a card member.

Since this a new card, it is now offering some incentives to new card members, including

  • 6,000 ThankYou points after making $50 purchase within the first three months;
  • 5,000 ThankYou points after signing up to receive paperless statements within the first three months.

The requirements aren’t really high to get the 11,000 rewards points (which can be redeemed for gift cards from various merchants), besides, the card doesn’t carry an annual membership fee.

What do you think of this new card? Check it out to see if and what you like it.

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