Discover Abruptly Canceled Holiday $20 Bonus Promotion


It wasn’t long ago that Discover announced it will continue a promotion that it started last year: The Holiday Mall promotion will give card members a $20 gift card for every $200 spent at participating malls throughout the nation during the holiday season. Last week when I went to the mall near where I live, I even saw the Discover promotion banners.

I have a Discover More Card, however, I don’t use it that much because the rewards on every day purchases aren’t that great in my opinion. The promotion nonetheless is pretty sweet for cardholders who use the card a lot because it’s equivalent to a 10% cash back, which you won’t get from any card if it were not because of the promotion. Nowadays, you are lucky to get 3% cash back with your cards.

Anyway, it looks like Discover, for whatever the reason, decided to cancel the promotion just when the holiday shopping season is about to begin. This is the notice I received yesterday:

We are sorry to inform you that the $20 Mall Gift Card promotion announced via email dated 11.7.08 is no longer available.

Well, I am glad I didn’t use the card at all. I would be really mad if I have had spent $180 already (the promotion started early this month), hoping to get the $20 gift card soon.

Maybe they already got some complains about the abrupt calcelation.

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