Kiva Business Card: Earn Rewards While Helping Others


Kiva BusinessCardI recently registered an LLC with MyCorporation when they ran a one-week promotion with free filing early this month. Though the process hasn’t completed yet, I am starting to looking for a few items that I will need once the registration completes, among them a tax ID, a business bank account, and a business credit card. The tax ID is very easy to get. The bank account and credit card, however, need a little more researches.

For the business credit card, what I want from it is pretty much the same as what I want from my personal credit cards: good rewards. Though I don’t anticipate a lot of charges on the business card, I do want to get as much back as possible from it.

During my research, I came across this Kiva BusinessCard from Advanta. What’s special about this card is that not only I can earn cashback every time I use the card, but also I can help others to start or grow their businesses at the same time. The way how this works is like this:

  • The first $1,200 qualified bonus purchases every year, including Kiva grants or other charitable donation will earn 5% cashback, which will be rewarded as statement credit;
  • Any qualified bonus purchase above $1,200 will earn 1% cashback.

And any grant, which can be as little as $25, made to Kiva will be matched dollar-to-dollar by Advanta.

In addition to Kiva grants and charitable donations, other qualified bonus purchases include gasoline and diesel fuel, computers, computer supplies, electronics and office supplies, online advertising services, and utilities and telecommunications. For other purchases excluding qualified bonus purchases, rewards are earned based on a tiered structure:

  • $0 – $3,000: 0.25%
  • $3,001 to $5,000: 0.50%
  • $5,000 to $15,000: 0.75%
  • $15,001 and above: 1.00%

While helping other small business owners in need is a great idea, especially when there’s a match, I have to say that the rest of the rewards program isn’t that appealing. I haven’t looked any other business credit cards yet, so I don’t know what other are offering in terms of rewards. While I will keep searching, this Kiva BusinessCardwill be on my mind.

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