Pulaski Bank Visa Card: A Card With Low Rate


Apparently, I never really know anything about the Pulaski Bank Visa Card issued by Pulaski Bank, except seeing it mentioned in the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine as one of the low-rate cards.

So how low is the rate? How about 6.50% fixed APR for both purchase and cash advance?

When I apply for a new credit card, and for all those credit cards that I already own, I almost never paid any attention to the card’s interest rate, except the introductory rate which could be 0% for 12 months. Some may argue that interest rate is probably one of the most important elements of a card offer, but that’s never the case for me because I always pay my credit card bills in full. So whatever rate a card charges doesn’t bother me at all (I’d rather keep a close eye on the card’s rewards program). Nonetheless, I can still tell that the 6.50% APR is still much lower than the rates of all the premium cards I own, where are usually in the range between 10 to 15% APR.

While it’s nice to have a card with a low rate, I also want some other features or benefits if I would ever get a card. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can expect from the Pulaski Bank Visa Card except, well, the low rate. So basically, the low rate is the only feature of this credit card (BTW, you will have to pay a $35 annual fee for using the card).

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think this is a card for me. I want a card to have a little bit more than a low rate. However, if you always carry a balance on your credit card, then the Pulaski Bank Visa Card could make a nice choice. After all, you can save a lot of money with a card that charges 6.5o% APR than a card that charges 15.0% APR.

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