RevolutionCard Credit Card Up To $100 Savings Offer


RevolutionCard Credit Card Have you heard of RevolutionCard credit card?

Well, this is sort of a new card that was first introduced back in September 2007. It’s still a credit card, but it has some features that are not shared by those traditional Visa or MasterCard you have.

RevolutionCard Credit Card Review

First, the RevolutionCard doesn’t affiliate with either Visa or MasterCard, or Discover or American Express, so you won’t find logos from any of them on the card. It’s an independent credit card issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD.

Second, unlike all the credit cards you own so far, no personal information, such as, name or account number, is embossed on the RevolutionCard. So by just looking at the card itself, you won’t know whom it belongs to.

Third, the RevolutionCard is a PIN-based card, which means that you authorize transactions by your PIN, not your signature. Without the correct PIN, nobody can use your card to make a purchase, even if they hold the physical card.

The reason why this card is called RevolutionCard is because of the above second and third feature, which the issuer claims that will greatly reduce the risk of identity theft and fraudulent charges. Can PIN-based transactions be effective in combating identity theft? I am not so sure because requiring a PIN, not a signature, isn’t really new. I agree that not displaying any personal information on the card is a good idea to protect cardholder’s identity. And, of course, one’s signature is much easy to forge than obtaining the PIN. But I am not very confident how these new features will help card members.

RevolutionCard Promotion

Right now, RevolutionCard is running a promotion to get people using their card. The card is currently accepted at more than 300,000 stores across the nation, including Barnes & Nobel, CVS, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Office Depot, T.J. Maxx and Walgreen’s, etc.

Use your RevolutionCard to make a purchase of $50 or more between 11/15/08 and 1/31/09 and receive a $5 credit on your statement. This offer may be used by RevolutionCard credit card accounts up to twenty (20) times for a maximum credit to your account of $100. This offer may be used by MoneyExchange RevolutionCard accounts up to five (5) times for a maximum credit to your MoneyExchange account of $25.

Interested? Get a RevolutionCard credit card andd experience yourself whether it’s truelly revoltionary.

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